General Guidelines and Rules for AStats

Welcome to AStats, the premiere tracking site for achievement related activities. AStats is an indispensable tool for the avid achievement hunter. All available Steam achievements are assigned point values enabling a global community to compete on our leaderboards in real time.

We value fairness and wish to maintain the utmost standard of purity with regard to such rankings. As such, we aim to rid our system of cheaters.

As a general rule, one must earn his or her own achievements in the manner in which the game expects them to be unlocked.

Users suspected of exploiting third-party applications designed to alter achievements are immediately banned from the leaderboards and their points are annulled. Other forms of cheating can result in the invalidation of specific games on a profile. Actions that lead to this particular outcome include, but are not limited to; using trainers, borrowing save files, or changing game files in order to make a challenge easier.

AStats has queries in place that automatically detect cheating in a number of games but the system does have its’ limitations. Profiles that you suspect of cheating can be reported in this thread and will be investigated by the site's senior moderators.

We would also like to make known that here at AStats we expect a certain level of civility from our user-base. The admins have the final say on all matters.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: I'm marked as suspicious of achievement hacking, what can I do?
A: You can post in the appeal forum and try to get your profile back in good standing.

Q: I changed my date to get a date-specific achievement, am I in trouble?
A: No, while many find this to be a manner of cheating, it's currently not a rule that's enforced on AStats. In the future the site may however reward players who gained date-specific achievements on the correct dates in some way.

Q: Can I use mods from the Workshop like custom TF2 maps or scripts or commandline commands?
A: Provided you meet the achievements' unlock criteria, custom content is generally fine. Exceptions to this rule is mods that function more like cheats, and then specifically in games that don't explicitly support modding. Mods or even console commands that automatically grant you achievements on command will result in the invalidation of your game's points.

Q: If a game has glitches or other ingame bugs that make the game easier, will I be blocked for that?
A: Generally no, using a glitch in a game by accident or on purpose is allowed, as long as they don't automatically grant you achievements. Exploiting a glitch is usually frowned upon by those who play vanilla, that is why we don't encourage using them. Also with glitches it can happen that you get marked suspicious if the glitch isn't known to us or when it looks like trainer use.

Q: What about multiplayer sessions dedicated to attaining certain achievements?
A: Seeking assistance of other players for the online portion of the game is perfectly fine and even encouraged.

A: I should have earned an achievement but the game didn’t grant it to me, may I unlock it with an achievement unlocker?
Q: No, any tampering with your achievements via third-party tools is going to result in a ban.

Q: An achievement wants me to not play a game for 5 years, can't I just put my clock ahead 5 years?
A: Doing that means you didn't unlock the achievement fairly, and will cause your game to be invalidated.

Q: A bug caused an achievement to unlock early or for the wrong action, I didn't cheat but will I get in trouble?
A: Normally this is fine as it's something that can happen to anyone.

Q:: I own multiple instances of the same game. May I import the saves from one and insert them into another to instantly unlock all the stuff I earned already?
A:: In general, you may, as you have already reached the achievement unlock conditions.

Q:: I completed a game before on another system, if I import my save file will it look like I cheated?
A:: It can look exactly like you cheated, and often it can be hard to prove you played the game before on another system.

Q:: Can I use auto clickers or macros?
A:: This is fine for monotonous tasks, but using recorded solutions for difficult challenges is considered cheating.

If you follow this simple set of guidelines, we are sure you are going to have a wonderful time on AStats.